Most businesses and brands have a "general" idea about what their company mission statement is and what KPIs they are or plan on measuring themselves against. Maybe you even have a pretty good idea of what you want your messaging to be and who your core demographic is. But maybe you're unsure about next steps and how to share that messaging with your audience, and most importantly, how to ensure it be effective.

You, my friend, need a strategy! And I can help! 🙋

Social Media Strategy

There are several critical questions that need answered before developing a truly effective social media strategy. By working together to answer those questions, I can help you set expectations and develop a schedule and/or sequence of actionable next steps, towards achieving your social media marketing goals. An initial complimentary consultation, as well as full assessment of your existing social media channels and access to their analytics is required prior to finalization of my advised strategy. B2B or B2C? I've got you!

Social Media Strategy Consulting/Reassessment

So you've already got a strategy in place... Maybe it's not yielding the results you hoped? Maybe it needs reworked? Let me take a look at it and get you headed in the right direction.


strategy session, this way!

Are you interested?